Making Fun Things

Orange Cream Arcade Machine


I built a custom upright arcade machine out of plywood, Formica, and dreams. This was for the lobby of a design firm, so it had to be slick. It’s a beast.

This one was done with a custom grill over speakers loud enough to fill a good-sized venue. We permanently set the max volume at half for the little lobby it’s installed in.
A peculiar challenge was the fact that it would live on a 2nd story, where the only access was an extremely narrow stairwell. So the entire thing had to be designed to be carried up in pieces and assembled on site.
And since it was for a high-end client, simple paint or vinyl wouldn’t do. The entire cabinet was covered in Formica. As it turned out, the curved surfaces could only be done by one laminate shop in a 50 mile radius from my studio.

Like I said, it’s a beast. Look at how short I am compared to this thing.